Back office operations can consume resources both human and financial at the expense of the core activities that have made your agency successful. CIS will support your agencies streamline processes allowing YOU more face time with agents so your agency can grow.

Licensing & Contracting
  • CIS works directly with your agent in processing his or her contracting paperwork with your specific carriers. We follow through until the contract has been activated.
Application Processing
    • -CIS works directly with your agents and/or your office to make sure that applications that are being submitted are in good order to avoid any processing delays.
    • -CIS uses Imaging and Direct Submission whenever available to insure your applications are sent to the carrier the same day
    • -CIS will assign you a dedicated case manager to follow-up within 48 hours and immediately notifies your agent and/or your office of any outstanding requirements.
    • -CIS communicates directly with the carrier on your behalf to make sure that the case is going through smoothly.
    • -Medical requirements will be ordered (depending on the carrier) within 24 hours of receipt of the non-med form, exam or request by the carrier.
  • CIS has direct communication with the carrier underwriters to insure your cases are getting the best decisions available. In addition, our chief underwriter can be utilized in any situation where cases have extensive health history, large financial or complicated advanced underwriting cases.

Case Management
CIS's knowledgeable staff of Case Managers WILL get you the best possible underwriting decisions and WILL get your cases through underwriting in a timely manner. Case Managers:

  • -COMMUNICATE any changes in status or requirements directly to the agents and/or agency office.
  • -SCRUB all applications to make sure they are in good order and to determine if there are requirements to be ordered.
  • -WORK with the contracting department to make sure that the agent is adequately licensed and contracted.
  • -NEGOTIATE on your behalf with the underwriter to make sure that they are making the best possible underwriting decision for your clients.
  • -PROVIDE ongoing status updates to the agent and/or agency.
  • -MONITOR the case all the way through to a PAID STATUS.

Commission Calculation & Payment
  • CIS calculates and pays commissions to your agents. We work with you to develop and manage your commission accounting needs and requirements that are UNIQUE to YOUR agency.

CIS has the capability of full agency administration and provides:
  • -Bookkeeping
  • -Meeting planning
  • -New product rollouts
  • -Marketing
  • -Direct Communication with agency/agents
  • -Quick quote processing
  • -Production reporting

Anti-Money Laundering Training
  • CIS provides your agents/producers Anti-Money Laundering training that meets all federal requirements - AT NO COST to you

Our implementation team will help you determine service standards which will be set up to meet your unique requirements. They will help to coordinate all aspects of your program and work closely with you and your affiliated carriers. CIS prices are determined by your needs. Each of our areas – new business case management, contract, commissions and administration will be custom tailored to meet your expectations.

For a specific price quote or to get more information on the services that we offer contact Laurie Dahl at 866-394-5865 or click here to complete an online form.

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